Forest Based Enterprise Promotion

Sundar Nepal Sanstha has signed an agreement with Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) to implement the project  'Implementation of Forest Based Enterprise Promption in Surkhet and Jumla Districts of Nepal'. The project will be jointly implement by Sundar Nepal and Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt Ltd Nepal. The agreement is signed between MSFP and the lead firm  Sundar Nepal Sanstha. The main activities will be to explore suitable equipments and technology; purchase and install machinery & equipments; technician support for trial production for new enterprises; facilitate to develop & implement fair price mechanism, strengthen Supply Chain and Marketing Support, Support existing enterprises & establish new enterprises, Capacity Building, Job creating training to pro-poor & disadvantaged HHs, Improving governance of local forestry groups. The project will be implemented from 14th Nov 2014 to 15 July 2016. Diverse forest ecosystem of Nepal provides several products and services as the bases of forest based enterprises (FBE) development that can generate employment, income, support livelihood of poor and disadvantaged groups and finally contribute to achieve the nation’s major goal of poverty alleviation. Forest provides both timber and non-timber based products and other ecosystem services upon which majority of the rural, poor and disadvantaged people are dependent for their livelihood. There is enormous capacity and options for creating employment and additional income generation through forest based enterprises development, marketing, and value addition of different products. This project as envisaged by MSFP, will ensure good forest governance, sustainable management and utilization for exploring such capacity and options. Present situation of FBE are characterized by weak value chain governance, minimal value addition and market dissemination, limited investment, less attractive to financial institutions and private sector involvement and investment, lack of appropriate coordination between demand and supply, and poor forest governance that hinders in exploring its aforesaid capacity and options. In this context, this joint venture will address these potential challenges. Few of the areas of creating jobs and income will be the collection, processing, value addition, packaging and marketing of essential oils and vegetable oils; NTFP and MAPs collection and cultivation.

As an implementing partner of MSFP, BNA has completed some of the activies at field level activities as follows: 

         Cultivation trainings on esential oil is comleted in western cluster of Surkhet. Three CFUGs in Kunathari, 2 CFUGs in Bidyapur and one in Babiyachaur is recently completed. Mr Laxmi Datta Panta of   Herbs Production and Processing Company, Jatibuti Kathmandu has facilitated the 5 slot tarinings each of 3 days duration. Selected farmers of the CFUGs  who are willing to cultivate the lemongrass, Citronella, Pamaroza, Chamamile are given trainings on its introduction, ways of cultivation, harvesting and extracting oil in distillation units. Some of the other trainings completed are:

  •           Resin tapping trainings ...9 events with total 270 participants in different VDCs of Surkhet. 

   ?Good bee keeping , 12 events--310 participants

  •         Nursery raising trainings, 2 events– 47 participants
  •     ?Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), Good Agriculutral and Collection Practices (GACP) training, 5 events--153 participants,
  •     ?Good cultivation and sustainable harvesting practices training are going on in Surkhet and Jumla district[Palmarosa,chemomile, citronella, lemongrass, french basil in Surkhet. 

          OP GAP ANALYSIS: Gap analysis of operational plans of Community Forestry User's Groups has been made in different community forestry user's groups. Some of the findings of the operational plan (OP) gap analysis are as follows:  ?87% of CFUGs in Surkhet and 15% CFUGs in Jumla have women in key positions;  ?4 CFUGs in Surkhet and 2 CFUGs in Jumla have to renew their OP; ?Many users do not know the provision of constitution and OP content; ?Needs more  efforts for transferring policy to practices; ?One CFUG in Surkhet and 3 CFUGs in Jumla do not have enterprise development plan; ?IGAS activities are poverty focused but there is no  discount on forest products to poor people; ?77% CFUGs in Surkhet have information on wellbeing ranking.    

        Two slot of Enterprenaurship trainings have been completed in Surkhet. Trainers from Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI) Nepal has facilitated the training with focus on the enterprise promotion, business plan and other related contents necessary for the promotion of forest based enterprises in the district. Participants were from different CFUGs, Cooperativesa and organizations working in this area including FECOFUN, Heney Bee Cooperatives, Deuti Herbal and Enterprise Development Facilitators of BNA. Total 50 participants participated the training.